SeNCit helps family manage a range of risks

SeNCit helps family manage a range of risks


For aging couples who want to stay in their homes as long as possible, SeNCit offers a range of options to help monitor their safety and provide peace of mind both to them and their family.

One couple in their seventies recently turned to SeNCit to manage several safety concerns in their two-storey house. The husband was bedridden with bone cancer and suffered from mild dementia, which made it hard for him to get around safely and to fully understand how to use his bedside telephone when he needed help. His wife was his primary caregiver, but she struggled with arthritis and was at risk of falling, especially while carrying food and drink up and down the stairs.

Because their family was concerned with the couple’s health and safety when they were not around, they called SeNCit and installed a movement and security monitor in the house. Located in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs, the monitor detects movement at top of stairs and through the hallway, which leads to the kitchen and lounge.

SeNCit now helps the couple and their family monitor three different risks:

No Movement Detector – Should their mother become incapacitated by illness or leave the house and not return – and their father is unaware or unable to raise the alarm – the family will be receive a warning by text message that their parents need care or assistance.

Night movement – Should their father awake in the night and in his confusion attempt to descend the stairs, SeNCit will detect this movement at the top flight of stairs and ring their mother’s bedside phone, which will wake her so she can take her husband back to bed. This also helps their mother sleep more peacefully because she knows she will be woken if needed.

Security Mode – When their mother leaves the house for extended periods to go shopping or for a medial appointment, the family switches the SeNCit to security mode (a free ring from their mobile).  If their father gets out of bed and attempts to go downstairs on his own, the family receives a text message warning that movement has been detected at the top of the stairs and that their father could be in danger.  One family member who lives a short distance away can then quickly check that their father is OK. When their mother returns to the house, the family also receives a text message once she steps back into the hallway.

Thanks to SeNCit, the couple and the family now enjoy a lot more peace of mind:

The mother can now leave the home knowing that SeNCit will inform her and family members if her husband may be in danger.

The family knows they will be informed if their mother goes out and does not return home – or has a fall at home and needs assistance.

Family members also receive an “All’s OK” daily alert message to reassure them that everything is fine at their parents’ home.