Margarets Story

Protecting loved ones when something goes wrong

Margaret loves to sit on her veranda on sunny days. For the 90-year-old Auckland woman, it’s a perfect way to rest, enjoy the quiet and warm her arthritic shoulders.

But one day last winter, Margaret accidentally dozed off while sitting on her veranda and slipped off her chair, crashing onto a steel peg bucket and breaking her femur in three places.

She spent six painful hours waiting for help. First, she called for help from her veranda but none of her neighbours heard her. Then, she spent two hours crawling into her dining room, where she managed to light a gas heater to keep warm and collapsed.  Unable to reach the phone at the far end of her home, she waited for three more hours until her nephew came home and called an ambulance. She spent three months in hospital recovering from her injuries.

“We wish we knew about SeNCit before this happened,” says Margaret’s nephew Alan. “We would have been alerted much sooner that something was wrong without my aunt having to physically activate any alarms. This would have significantly minimised her long, painful ordeal and her injuries.”

With no previous history of falls or medical worries, Margaret didn’t have a medical alarm but her family has since installed a SeNCit device to help protect her and to alert them when something isn’t right at her home in the future.

“We now have confidence that if something goes wrong when we’re not around, SeNCit will automatically alert us,” Alan says. “That gives us all a lot of peace of mind that Margaret is safe at home when we’re not around.”

SeNCit was designed for people just like Margaret and her family. It was developed by a UK man after his mother fell in her house and died after she was  unable to raise any alarm for help.

The discreet unit attaches to a wall and plugs into a normal power outlet. It monitors for movement and lets loved ones know by txt message if there hasn’t been any when there should be. It can be controlled via any mobile phone via txt and can even be turned into an intruder alarm for when you pop out the house.

It can be programmed to monitor for movement at times of the day when there normally should be activity – therefore unobtrusively letting you know if this isn’t the case, so you can phone and check on loved ones. It offers peace of mind not only to an ageing, independent  population but also to their families.