SeNCit Case History

SeNCit Case History


Mr C is in his early 70s and an amputee due to spread of bone cancer.  He lives at home in a two storey house with his wife who is his primary carer.  He has a prosthetic but movement is very limited and painful for him so he spends most of his life bedridden upstairs.  He has mild dementia and he no longer able to completely understand how to use his bedside telephone or how to move about safely.


Mrs C suffers from arthritis of the spine and hips and struggles with his care especially navigating the stairs with trays of food and drink.  This scenario has increased the risk of Mrs C falling or becoming ill.


SeNCit installation:

For peace of mind in between visits, their family has installed SeNCit in the hallway at bottom of stairs so that it detects movement at top of stairs and through the hallway which leads to the kitchen and lounge.


SeNCit monitors:

‘No Movement Detector’ – Should Mrs C fall, become incapacitated by illness or leave the     house and not return and Mr C was unaware or unable to raise the alarm, the family will be  warned of this by text message that Mrs C needs assistance and Mr C needs care.


‘Night movement’ Should Mr C attempt to get up in the night and in his confusion navigate the

stairs, SeNCit will detect this movement at top flight of stairs and “ring” the home phone next

to Mrs C’s bedside which will wake her so she can take Mr C back to his bed. This means Mrs C

now sleeps peacefully secure in knowledge she will be woken if needed.


‘Security Mode’ At times, Mrs C needs to leave the house for extended periods to go shopping

or visit GP/hospitals herself. During these periods, the family switches the SeNCit to security

mode (a free ring from their mobile).  Should Mr C decide he will get out of bed and attempt to

come downstairs on his own, the family (one living two minutes away) receive a text

message warning that movement has been detected at top of stairs and that their father

could be in danger.  They can then attend to check he is OK.


At  the  time  of  expected  arrival  home  of  Mrs  C,  family  are  reassured  to  receive  a  text  message detecting her movement in the hallway meaning she has arrived home safely.



Mrs C can now leave the home knowing that SeNCit will inform her and family members if Mr C

gets up and is therefore in danger.

Family is informed if Mrs C does not return home or has a fall in the home so that can assist to

help Mrs C & Mr C.

Family members also receive an “All’s OK” daily alert message to reassure them that Mum is OK

and able to care for Dad.