To place your order to purchase or rent the SeNCit Multi-function care monitor follow the simple steps below.

Step 1:

Decide which monitor is best suited to your needs

Step 2:

If you decide to purchase or rent go to the contact page and enter your order and details

Step 3:

Once the order is received you will be sent notification confirming you order via email. When we have received your order we will forward your payment forms to be completed and returned to SeNCit New Zealand Limited

Step 4:

A) If you purchase the monitor will be required to fill out the forms sent to you and return them to us with payment for the order. This will also include a Direct Debit form for the $17.50 monthly Vodafone SIM card charge.

B) If you chose to rent the unit on a fixed 24 month contract you will be required to fill out the forms sent and return them to us with your payment of three months rental in advance as a bond which is refundable after a minimum period of 24 months. This will also include a Direct Debit form for the monthly rental payments inclusive of both the SeNCit monitor and the Vodafone Sim Card.

Step 5:

Once we have received your payment, completed forms including your Direct Debit form we send your SeNCit Care Monitor to you.

Deposits: SeNCit New Zealand  Limited will hold the deposit for 24 months from the date the payment is received. Subject to no late or missed payments during the contract period of 24 months, the deposit will be credited within two working days to the original card used. Find out more.

Minimum Rental Period: The initial rental contract is for a period of 24 months if after 12 months due a change in circumstances of the renter and at the discretion of SeNCit New Zealand Limited the unit may be returned, Notice to be given in writing to the company. One month’s additional rental is required as a termination fee.

Vodafone SIM Cards:Each unit comes with a pre-installed Vodafone SIM card, if the unit is purchased then a direct debit form will need to filled out and returned. If the unit is on a 24 month rental agreement then the Vodafone Sim card is included in the monthly rental charge.