1. Unpack SeNCit and make sure the package has all of the contents as listed on the outside of the box.

2. Please make a note of the mobile phone number of the pre-installed Vodafone SIM card.

3. Install SeNCit configuration software onto your PC using the CD or download the software from www.sencit.co.uk

4. Connect the plug-in power supply to SeNCit then connect SeNCit to your PC or laptop using the supplied USB cable.

5. Run the SeNCit Configuration Tool program and click CONNECT

6. Change the PASSCODE to a 4 digit number of your choice. ( i.e. from 0000 to 1234 or another easily remembered combination)

7. Add the PERSON & LOCATION details to personalise your SeNCit

8. Add ALERT MESSAGE RECIPENTS names & numbers (using the International phone code eg. +64 the area code then the number i.e. +64 9 8462367 or +64 21, 22 or 27 for the local mobile network then the number +64 21 123 345 etc

9. Click WRITE to copy the settings to SeNCit.

10. Fit SeNCit in the home in a position where you would expect to detect regular movement, usually the hallway or landing.

Please read the full user guide to adjust other settings and for full details on how to install wireless accessories such as the door sensor.