Why would I need SeNCit Care Monitor?

SeNCit Care Monitor is a very simple method of bringing you peace of mind that your loved ones are safe. It is very personal and discrete. It can help to enable your loved ones to remain at home where they truly want to be for as long as possible. The financial savings of this alone are dramatic. The SeNCit Care Monitor is a simple and easy to use system that can bring peace of mind giving you the knowledge that if your loved one needs you an alert can be sent, whether you’re across the street, across the country or on the other side of the world!

Why is SeNCit Care Monitor so special?

Many Healthcare Monitoring Systems rely solely on Panic Buttons and Call Centres to deal with your loved ones’ needs in an emergency. They are all very impersonal and neglect the dignity of our loved ones. They don’t want to talk to a third party when they are in a distressed state, they want to talk to you, a friend or relative to keep them calm whilst help is called. A panic button is of no use if it is not possible to press it for help due to being unconscious for example! Other systems want to know too much. Some even use cameras to “spy on” the person concerned. Others monitor every movement and report to a web page so you can follow what your loved one has been doing. Would you like that?  We must respect our loved ones rights.  SeNCit Care Monitor is a very affordable solution to give your loved one what they want, to stay in their own home for as long as possible, safe in the knowledge that SeNCit is looking after them 24/7 and that you will be contacted in an emergency.

The SeNCit Care Monitor is unobtrusive and necklaces or wristbands are not necessary – there is also no requirement to push a button to summom help.  The system operates by utilising standard tried and tested PIR detectors that simply monitor movement. There are hundreds of thousands of these already installed in homes across the world. The SeNCit Care Monitor doesn’t monitor and report every single movement the person makes, the system respects the person it is looking after by simply monitoring abnormal and unusual activity.  The system can be tailored to do as much or as little as you require to give you the feeling of satisfaction knowing that your loved one is being looked after.

How does it work?

The SeNCit Care Monitor works on the theory that most people are well regimented and that their routines are quite predictable.

If your Mum or Dad doesn’t move past the SeNCit for example between 7am and 9am when you know their should be movement  (or at the times that have been programmed into unit)then it would indicate that something may not be quite right. So a message is sent by text  to you saying “Call Mum or Dad no movement detected – Please check . A quick phone call can establish whether or not “all is OK”! If he is OK then no harm done!

The SeNCit Care Monitor simply gives you the information you need to know that your loved one is indeed “SeNCit” and safe at home. You can set the monitor to suit the activity of your loved one and receive as much or as little information as you choose.

Is it easy to install?

Yes, absolutely! The SeNCit Care Monitor comes with simple but thorough instructions.. All you need to do is programme the monitor then fit the monitor to the chosen location and plug it in to the power supply.

Programming the equipment to suit your needs is very simple. Just follow the step by step guide included with the equipment or look at it here on our website. Alternatively, please call our 0800 4 SENCIT call line.

Will my Mum or Dad have to do anything?

No. They just carry on with their day to day life, safe in the knowledge that they can remain where they want to be… in their own home!

Can they call me if they want to via the system?

Yes with the SeNCit+ D Care Monitor. This system comes complete with one ‘remote call button’ which when pressed will send an SOS message to a designated number.

How much does it cost?

The SeNCit Care Monitor can be purchased and then a low monthly cost for the Vodafone SIM card  or rented on a fixed term 24 month agreement inclusive with the Vodafone the SIM card, please contact one of our friendly advisers for more information on the options available – 0800 473 6248.

Will my household pet affect the SeNCit Care Monitor?

No, if the installation guidelines are followed correctly household pets will not interfere with the detection of non movement.

It is important to take care when positioning the SeNCit Care Monitor, particularly if there are small pets present. They should not trigger the PIR sensor if the monitor is positioned correctly. From experience the best position to mount the monitor is as high as possible and a 90 degree angle to the wall.. Then it will only detect people from waist height upward which is ideal.

Look for tables and ledges where small pets may jump and cross the field of the beam and try to avoid these areas for coverage. We have not experienced any problems regarding small pets triggering the alarm when the simple installation guidelines are adhered to.

How are the alert messages sent?

Using the same technology as a mobile phone, the SeNCit Care Monitor sends alert messages directly as SMS text messages to a designated mobile .

Is there a pendant?

We are currently looking at this option should a person require that extra feeling of security.

What happens if I leave my home and forget to switch to security mode?

This is not a problem, you can call the unit (SIM number) and this will automatically change the mode to security. Once you return home, you can then call the SIM again and it will revert to care mode.

Can I send the alerts to more than one person?

Yes – You can have up to five message recipients – they can all get the messages and ‘ring’ alerts or you can cascade* them i.e. the monitor will attempt to send the alert message to recipient number 1 and if their phone is switched off or out or network then it will try recipient 2 and so on until it receives a delivery report.

*the cascade feature uses the mobile networks message delivery report service. Not all mobile networks support this feature – in these cases the messages will be sent to all message recipients that have selected to receive SMS alerts.

How do I mount the SeNCit Monitor to my wall?

The SeNCit Care Monitor comes with a wall mounting bracket and screws to allow you to mount it to a wall.

The unit should be fitted high on the wall and should not be facing any heat sources such as windows, external doors, radiators etc.

How is the SeNCit Care Monitor powered?

The monitor comes with a mains adapter which coverts the mains voltage to a safe low voltage DC level. The cable is five meters long to enable you to reach any nearby mains socket. The cable should be secured to any wall or door frame to prevent a trip hazard.

Can I add more than one door sensor to the SeNCit Care Monitor+?

Yes – you can add a maximum of two door sensors to each SeNCit+ D Care Monitor unit.

What is a SIM card and how do I use it?

A SIM card is the small chip that you fit inside the SeNCit Care Monitor. It is the same as the SIM card you use in a mobile phone to allow it to connect to one of the mobile networks.

Each unit comes with a Vodafone SIM card which has been engineered to work with the SeNCit monitor .

Should I use a monthly contract SIM rather that a Pay-as-you-go?

Monthly contract SIMs are best as you do not have to worry about the SIM card not having enough credit or not working when you need it.to.