About SeNCit

SeNCit is a new and unique device for helping to keep a remote but discreet 'eye' on lone or vulnerable individuals. With its main function being to let you know via text message when someone has had a fall or become incapacitated, this compact device also includes other important alarm features all in the one neat package


What is SeNCit

Many of our parents live alone and, while they may be otherwise healthy, can be susceptible to falls and other accidents. While we can’t be there all the time, it is reassuring to know that all is well.

SeNCit is not a medical alarm that requires a button to active it. The sencitmonitor is a discreet device that monitors movement in the home. If there hasn’t been any when there should be – it let’s you know via text message so that you can ring and make sure everything is OK.

Sencit is easy to set up and can be controlled via a mobile phone, no matter where you are.


How Does it Work

Mounted on the wall and powered by a normal plug socket, SeNCit scans the room for movement and temperature. You can set it up to monitor at key periods of the day (say breakfast and dinner time) for as long or as little as you like depending on your loved ones daily routines. It has a special SIM card inside that sends a txt message to your phone if movement isn’t detected when it should be.

SeNCit is also able to be controlled from a mobile phone, so you can switch the unit on or off easily via a txt message if you wish.




Simple set up

SeNCit comes with everything you need to get up and running. Mounting to the wall is as simple as putting up a picture. On first use, you programme SeNCit by install the software on a computer and attaching the unit via the supplied cable.

Then you can set up who receives the txt messages (up to 5 Mobile numbers for family and friends) as well as the key times of the day you want to monitor movement.

SeNCit also monitors temperature, so you can set up the unit to let you know if it gets too hot or cold. The unit will also send a txt message to let you know if there is a power cut and when the power comes back on.


Intruder Alert

SeNCit has a dual function in that it can be switched into an intruder monitoring device by a simple txt instruction from your mobile. This is very handy when you want to pop out of the house and need an extra level of security while you are gone. SeNCit will txt your designated mobile phone numbers if it senses movement.





Door monitor

If you are concerned about relatives specific movements (such as wandering out of the house), you can opt for the SeNCit + D which comes with the door sensor. This small addition knows when a door has been opened or not closed properly and alerts you accordingly. It is mounted on the door and talks to the main SeNCit unit wirelessly.






Professional, friendly help

Our professional team are ready to assist you with any questions you have when considering, purchasing and installing the product. We also offer the option of a professional to come to your home to help set up and install the device.





About the company

SeNCit is a product of Send Technologies Ltd, a UK company specializing in GSM technologies. Sencit New Zealand Limited is the licensed importer and marketer of SeNCit products in Australia and New Zealand.

Our vision for SeNCit is to enable many more families/communities throughout the world to keep a closer eye on their elderly relatives, irrespective of their busy and hectic lifestyles. We also want to help take burden off over-stretched local authority resources at a time when elderly population is rapidly increasing but funds available decreasing.   SeNCit enables us to do this this via time-saving technology that is already well understood (mobile phones) and when issues are spotted, we have found that SeNCit also encourages extra contact as it prompts further calls to investigate alerts.  At best, this system can prevent deaths – in the very least it provides fabulous daily peace of mind.